Meatless Monday – Super Blueberry Oatmeal



Blueberry OatmealWant a high-performance meal? – Than eat your oatmeal. Why oatmeal you ask? Well because she’s so darn fabulous for athletes! It’s energy, performance enhancing and versatile enough to incorporate all kinds of your favorite fruits. And the clincher – you can loose weight.

Oatmeal closeupAfter a good breakfast I feel my body is primed better for better focus and physical performance throughout a sometimes-hectic day. Oatmeal for breakfast supplies calories, protein and fat needed as fuel. It’s also filling, which is beneficial to aid in weight-maintenance efforts.

Ingredients = 1/2 cup Old fashioned Quaker Oats + 2 handful Blueberries + 1 Banana + Pumpkin seeds + Raisins + Crushed Almonds + Honey + 1/2 cup Rice milk (enriched) + 1/2 cup Water + 1 tsp Vanilla + Cinnamon + Nutmeg + Pinch of salt (optional)

In a pot, let water & rice milk come to a boil. Then add all ingredients (leaving almonds & pumpkin seeds last as toppings).

Oatmeal cookgStir stir stir

I like my oatmeal a little on the gooey side so I mix in banana slices while it’s cooking (as opposed to adding them at the end).

OatmealAs you can see, I like to keep my oatmeal interesting and delicious-tasting.

The blueberries are a super-food in my book – for it’s amazing nutritional properties (high performance antioxidants and fiber). Plus, it just adds a little sumpin’ sumpin’. The banana adds more fiber as well as potassium. Pumpkin seeds offers protein to this fiber-rich recipe and the crushed almonds lends a nice delicious crunch.Crushed almonds

Here’s to a brilliantly humble breakfast meal. For cholesterol-lowering, heart-healthy benefits – oatmeal is tough to beat.

Feel free to add more protein source such as Greek yogurt, scrambled eggs, or a scoop of protein powder.


XXII Winter Olympics – Sochi 2014

WinterOlympics OpenCeremonyAs Sochi, Russia serves up the 2014 Winter Olympics, February 7 – 23, we get to watch the most Elite athletes compete at a phoenix level on the world’s biggest stage. A two-week span of ultimate competition at it’s greatest. As for me – I’ll be hunkered down with a creative mug of hot chocolate – peeled to the Olympic thrill on HD. Let the hot cocoa festival begin!

Sochi2014RUOfficial Winter Olympic webpage

For live streaming schedule of the 2014 Winter Olympics check out NBC Sport’s

Catch the action online at

If you live in the US, check local listings using your zip code

There’s a world TV guide if you live in another country, check broadcasting at


Race Radar – Breast Cancer Walk


MakingStrides Breast Cancer Walk

Join the American Cancer Society’s –

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

WHEN – Sunday, October 20, 2013 – in a city near you!


Sign up to participate in a breast cancer walk happening in your community, in your city and support the fight against breast cancer.

Sign up to walk or you can donate online.  BreastCancer RibbonDonate to a participant, Donate to a team, or Donate to an event.

Athletes Who Rock – SERENA WILLIAMS



SerenaSo, I’m lately loving Mega-athlete Serena Williams. Hands down, one of the most talented female athletes on the scene. 2013 – this is her year – taking top titles in the recent French Open and US Open. Currently ranked #1 in the world and having an unstoppable year dominating the TENNIS world and looking fly when she does it! She’s just that good…

Congrat’s Serena on a stunning year!

Poached Egg w/Quinoa Avocado & Tomatoes


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Poached egg & QuinoaIts Meatless Monday and I was so jazzed to eat a lovely meal incorporating simple ingredients for simple preparation. I love that this healthful, brightly colored dish leaves the body feeling nourished and less heavy. The oval plum grape tomatoes in red & yellow add color, texture … and appeal …  to your plate, while also adding variety & vitamin C to your diet.

Quinoa, avocado, pumpkin seeds – Foods every athlete or active person should have at their disposal due to their incredible nutritional components and versatility.

Full Ingredients – 2 handfuls of red and yellow assortment of small grape tomatoes + 1 egg poached + ½ cup of quinoa + ½ medium size avocado, diced + ¼ cup pumpkin seeds + Olive oil to drizzle + 1 tbsp. of chili pepper flakes.

The poached egg was sprinkled with flakes of chili pepper for added ‘heat.’IMG_4836Quinoa eggs Ingredients

IMG_4766Quinoa & Pumpkin SeedsPumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds boost your intake of good quality protein, carbs and other minerals, one of which being magnesium. According to WebMD, this mineral participates in hundreds of bodily functions that foster good health, contributing to bone strength; promotes peak immunity; and normalizes muscle, nerve, and heart function.

Pumpkin seeds can go far beyond their reduced status as a trail mix snack. Add them to any dish variety to give a nutrient boost. I like adding pumpkin seeds to cereals, oatmeal, salads, and other dish’s to balance out a meal. Pumpkin seeds are high in calories, about 559 calories per 100 g, so use moderately.

IMG_4835This poached egg recipe is an added reminder that it doesn’t have to take heavy prep and out-of-reach ingredients to enhance your diet. Simply use quality ingredients. Eat to what boost your performance and not slow it down. And fuel your go like a champ.

Seared Tuna Steak with Red Quinoa

Seared Tuna Quinoa 001If there were a dish to be labeled ‘Super Meal’ hands down this would be it. This dish is ridiculously delicious! I found it to be a smart, quick and easy way to incorporate super food ingredients on a delicious plate. The nutritional composition of the tuna steak, spinach and quinoa makes it an excellent fuel source for any active individual – And quickly became one of my personal fave’s!

Believe it or not, this was my very first time searing tuna… I know, I know where have I been (hidden under a rock perhaps). I found myself having a hard time resisting the urge to overcook this incredible meaty fish. It cooks very quickly, and is best prepared rare to medium-rare. Searing this steak and enjoying its goodness… well, first time may be a charm, but I guarantee this will not be my last.

TunaQuinoa 4pixFresh tuna (also known as yellowfin) is an excellent source of protein, essential vitamins and nutrients and – here’s the kicker… its super low in fat!

For the Tuna Steak keep it simple ~ 2 Ahi tuna steaks ~ Cayenne pepper ~ Salt & Black pepper ~ Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For the Quinoa (a protein powerhouse) – 1 cup red quinoa ~ 1 cup of chicken or vegetable broth ~ 1 cup water

For the super nutritional content of the quinoa and its stunning benefits check out an earlier recipe post on Quinoa & Tilapia.

Fresh TunaTuna SeasonedCooked TunaI applied a generous amount of cracked black pepper mixed in with cayenne powder.

Cookd SpinachJ’adore Spinach! Its great raw AND cooked, versatile in salads, in recipes, and is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet! Aids your body in creating red blood cells to bring oxygen throughout the body.

Red Quinoa

Quinoa SpinachQuinoa tends to have an aggressive nutty flavor, so to temper this, I mixed a cup of chicken broth with a cup of water to the 1 cup of quinoa, keeping a 2:1 ratio.

TunaQuinoa02Sea salt & pepper. That’s it! I’ve learned that it’s best if you don’t over season it.

Steps ~ Coat tuna steak with salt, pepper and cayenne powder. Slightly press it into the tuna, being gentle with the flesh. Heat a cast iron pan over high heat. (I’d avoid using Teflon since you’ll need VERY high heat). Add olive oil. You’ll know the pan is hot enough when you hear it begin to sizzle. Add tuna steak to the hot cooking surface and sear the tuna for about 2 minutes on each side, or until desired doneness is reached. (1 1/2 minutes per side for rare.) Remove from heat, and allow the fish to cool for about 8 – 10 minutes.

To slice, cut tuna against the grain with a very sharp knife. Add 1-1½ cup Spinach or your favorite leafy green vegetable to go along with your tuna steak. Arrange on top of Quinoa. Then garnish with Alfalfa sprouts.

IMG_4523The spicy pepper crust from the cayenne & cracked peppercorns – perfect amount of heat – perfect amount of yumminess.

Quite simply, this dish is an excellent fuel source. It’s quick simple preparation but offers a lot of mileage in endurance building nutrients. A super blend of omega-3’s, protein, iron, carbs & fiber (quinoa) and a number of essential nutrients for unsurpassed health benefits.

I hope this beautifully easy recipe inspires you to eat heart-healthy, be active, and fuel your engines with the nutrient best. Enjoy!